I, Nate the Great, The King of Real Estate conquered the universe…

           … and I Enita, have the job to distort the universe.

                     I am a girl who empowers every mother,

                     In every galaxy, to have the right,

                     To watch the leader of their country,

                     For the entire time anybody ever leads your country.


We are the Kings and Queens of Real Estate and we originate in Kaqore.


In Kaqore, the poor have the right to watch the leader of their country, entirely amongst God’s reign.

We know for sure, the leader of our country, can never cover up unlawful behavior.

Upon our first arrival, God granted me the right to share this gift.

The poor loved our gift so much... they printed my face on money.

Do you know what the rich gave me?



"It will be a human right, for every person, in every country, to have the right, to watch the leader of their country, for the entire time anybody ever leads your country."


Nathaniel’s Point – Pico Cristobal Colon

United Continents – United Nations

Chazayla – Europe + Asia

Perle – Africa

Rootel – North America

Macubunia – South America

Weocean – Oceania

Hollywood – United States of America

States of Ireland – Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England

Catalonia – Spain

Pearl of Africa – South Africa

Saharas Perle - Western Sahara

Maurecio – Washington DC

Spain – Madrid

Doctown – Levittown, NY

Woodbury – Zwolle, Netherlands

Mainet – Marnand, Switzerland

Tree – Trey, Switzerland

Rozmont – Romont, Switzerland

Horny – Horn, Germany

Hoffman – Hohenschwangau, Germany

Bobby – Waltenhofen, Germany

Wenger – Alterschrofen, Germany

Einstein's Way – Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC

Cowabunga Drive – Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills and El Camino Del Norte, Rancho Santa Fe, California

American River – Mississippi River

Gulf of America – Gulf of Mexico

America – CIA

Chief Secretary of America – Head of CIA (I just retired as the Chief Secretary of America)

Natives – Americans

Stone House w/ Ivy – White House

Director of Hollywood – President of the United States of America (Vote)

Assistant Director of Hollywood – Vice President of the United States of America

English – MI6

Loa of English – Head of MI6 (I just retired as the Loa of English)

Africa – Interpol

Oracle of Africa – Head of Interpol (I just retired as the Oracle of Africa)

Secretary General of the United Continents – Secretary General of the United Nations (I quit, I didn't retire as the first Secretary General of the United Continents)

Producer of the World - That's ME

And that is what happens during 100 years.

Everyone is in on it.

Everyone who knows, like Wikipedia, stayed quiet.

When you knew you stayed quiet. So, I conquered the universe.

The Wink – Pyramids

The Know – Neuschwanstein Castle

Two Waterfalls on the Eiffel Tower

Czechs Park – Zizkov TV

Kaqore – Colosseum

English Television aka ET – BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

Maurecio Legionnaires – Washington Redskins

Charlotte Aliens – Charlotte Bobcats

Arabia Building – UNNY Memorial

Hebrew adds two new letters at the end of their alphabet called then and wow, looking like a T and a V, V for wow, and China calls civilocity, Wengerocracy

Universal Healthcare for everyone in Hollywood...

...and the Death Penalty will be abolished universally.

Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler, entirely amongst their reign.

You can now run on this idea and it will be on the ballot in 2020, in Hollywood. If a candidate who runs on this idea wins or if the population votes for civilocity, civilocity will be a human right in Hollywood for at least the course of that term. The history of this idea dates back to the 1800’s. The Bern Conference stated no government agent working on surveillance, could copyright Civilocity after hearing Radiocracy, while working on surveillance. Not only could this idea not be copyrighted by a government agent after overhearing it from a person they would surveillance but nobody could copyright a word in the dictionary, a person could only gain intellectual property rights for its use.

When the radio came out and the Eiffel Tower was built Radiocracy was still not possible on the roads and later on planes. Over time Tvocracy was also banned as a classified confidential idea and yet all the governments were fully aware of this idea. I have never met any of my children or talked to them. My life story is going to be introduced making me look like a superhero on tv, a real augmented movie star explaining the history of this idea, how I and others are connected to it, and how it became my domain.

They, those silencing it for over 100 years... wanted me to mention; Miocracy... moon tunnels, monkey genetics, 24,23,22 chromosome talking apes, and nanotechnology that can read and control our thoughts, memories, curing pain neurologically, and with it homosexuality, love, and even emotion.


Big Brother I'm Big Daddy


34 Nathaniel Isaac Wenger - Namesake of English aka Shoah shin vav (cholam) aleph

34 Mayan Wenger (I'm confused because what is happening. We never consented.)

20 Isaac Atlantis Wenger                         Alanna + Me

13 Leonor Estella Wenger                         Colleen + Me

12 Sofia Grace Wenger                                Jackie + Me

12 Tova Lupita Wenger                                Jenna + Me

10 Yael Sabrina Wenger                               Sabrina + Me

4 Yoni Abraham Judah Wenger                  Sabrina + Me

2 Mary Anne Wenger                                     Mayan + Me

2 Menes Amora Matan Wenger                    Mayan + Me

2 Ruth Maurice Wenger                                  Mayan + Me

2 Charlie Perle Wenger                                    Mayan + Me

Infant Daisy Aura Wenger                               Marissa + Me

Infant Grandson Nathaniel Israel Wenger   Natan + Sofia
"It will be a human right, for me and you, to have the right, to watch the leader of our country, for the entire time anybody ever leads my country."
Paleis Het Loo - - My house
Beverly Park Ct - - Kids house
Casa Weng - - Cowabunga Drive, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Avenger's Casa - - Mainet, Switzerland
1956 or 57 Chevrolet Corvette Soft Top
1963 23 Window  VW Bus
2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith
2020 Bentley Bentayga
2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera
HGTV Designer's Peak of my house and cars fully designed and retrofitted for safety.
Kings and Queens of Real Estate!
I am Nate the Great, The King of Real Estate.