I need a job

who's here?


icy avenger


miO Enita Superman and Nathaniel Isaac Wenger


time traveler/web forwarder/part-time realtor


Nathaniel and Enita Wenger: mi6 accomplished -

www.machineocracy.com www.radiocracy.com www.civilocity.com www.tvocracy.com www.naziocracy.com www.wengerocracy.com


I was hired.


I got the job to conquer the universe...


and i enita have the job to distort the universe.

i am a girl who who empowers every mother,

in every galaxy,

to have the right,

to watch the leader of your country,

entirely amongst gods reign.


We are kings and queens of real estate and we are from, Kaqore.


In Kaqore, the poor have the right to watch the leader of their country, entirely amongst God's reign.


We know for sure, the leader of our country can never cover up unlawful behavior.


Upon my first arrival, God granted me the right to share this gift.


I, Nate the Great, The King of Real Estate took over democracy in America by giving the majority a better choice;

Donald or Hillary or watch whoever wins for the entire time that person leads your country?


You can empower them or yourself.


Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler, entirely amongst their reign.


After I beat democracy, I copyrighted civilocity and made it public domain.


The poor loved our gift so much... they printed one of us on money!


Do you know what the rich gave me?




I, Nate the Great, The King of Real Estate conquered the universe.


It will be a human right, for me and you, to have the right, to watch the leader of our country, for the entire time anybody ever leads my country.


www.kaqore.com where having a human with law is more important than picking a monkey without.

I Need a Vote