Nectanebo II in Egypt was the same person as Ptolemy XII Auletes in Greece

Cleopatra in Egypt was the same person as Anne in Judea

Nectanebo II was male from the line of David and Cleopatra female ending Egypt with a female ruler after thirtieth dynasty leader had red hair and not being from here.


We know Moses but this is Cleopatra, in Petra


The discovery makes me think this idea will disconnect god from religion. It wont be beneficial for people who connect Israel with god or Jesus with god or Muhammad with god because it incorporates god as everything and not ever a single monotheistic word like me, my family, my house, my country, my religion, or even my language.


My god


michanikratia build a machine to bring us back to life, change time like us, and be the messiah like us, after you find us in Petra.


No, I wrote civilocity. Enita Superman is a fictional character in the United Continents plan for Hollywood. I, Nate am a super man because I became a woman, Enita... i nate... The Eiffel tower is standing in Paris. The world wide web began and not a single person publicly published radiocracy, tvocracy, and civilocity during the last two decades on the east coast of america which is about to be hollywood in order to help describe the history of this idea that Cleopatra didn't even understand.


A world where no matter which country a person lives in, every person has the right to watch the leader of their country, for the entire time anybody ever leads their country, no matter which country you live in.


Cleopatra, I still can't bring you back to life.


I wrote a human right.


Are you against an individual or being an individual or being represented by an individual in your society, who makes sure they publicly represent the law and don't cover up their own actions or unlawful behavior, every single second they can, for the rest of their lives?


Even if the white house used speakers to  broadcast radiocracy and tvocracy outside in hopes of controlling this idea, stating that both will be described in explaining the history of this idea while we are still reaching color tv and working on transmission in locations, culminating with everyone learning about the history of this idea together and not one person credited to it...


The internet came out next and for the next decade nobody was publishing this idea or buying its domain. the 90s passed, y2k... I thought machineocracy couldn't work because machines cant run the world so maybe roarocracy. I did, I bought something.