A story it is... when I found out, you are my daughter... I went crazy and appointed you, Empress.

It is the second highest position in the world, behind the Secretary General of the United Continents.

Your salary, per year, will be 1 million dollars or euros, whichever is higher.

You can hold this position until you are 18. 

The Emperor or Empress after you will be any person, of any country, between the ages of 13 and 18.

As Empress, you will establish the 2nd largest empire the world has ever seen.

After you conquer Perle, you rename Perle, Africa.


Africa – Perle

Europe – Chazayla

Asia – Chazayla

United States of America – Hollywood

Canada – Hollywood

United Kingdom – States of Ireland

Ireland – States of Ireland

Spain – Catalonia

South Africa – Pearl of Africa

Pennsylvania Ave. – Einstein’s Way

Mississippi River – American River

Gulf of Mexico – Gulf of America

Perle – Interpol

Oracle of Perle – Head of Interpol

Hollywood – CIA

Chief Secretary of Hollywood – Head of CIA

Director of the United States of America – President of the United States of America

Assistant Director of the United States of America – Vice President


The 2020 election has candidates for, civilocity.

The United States of America votes for civilocity, in 2020.

America votes for universal healthcare, in 2020.

America and Canada, vote for Hollywood, in 2020.


I look forward to meeting you and your siblings. I will tell you all about your mother's, moon tunnels, weather machines, Petra, women’s reproductive cycles, infertility, genetics, 24, 23, 22 chromosome talking apes, and thought reading, controlling, communicating neurologic nanotechnology devices in every species, that cure pain and with it, homosexuality, love, and even emotion.





PS. Your sister, Sofia, will be the Queen of Spain, until she is 18.